Unpaid Wages or Overtime

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Unpaid Wages and Overtime
Despite strict federal and state laws, many employers still fail to properly pay their employees for the hours they work. Worse, there are even some employers who refuse to pay their employees for all of the hours they worked thereby effectively “robbing” them of their time.

Most employees are required to receive overtime pay for all of the hours worked over a standard 40-hour work week. Additionally, employees who are asked to come in early or work late at their jobs may be entitled to be paid for the time that they are asked to be at work but are “off the clock”.

In an attempt to skirt the federal and state wage laws, some employers improperly try to classify an employee as an independent contractor, part-time employee, salaried employee, or seasonal employee in order to deny that employee his or her overtime wages.

If you, your loved ones, friends, or co-workers, have experienced any of the above items, you may be the victim of wage theft by your employer.

At White & Twombly, P.A., we have over 20 plus years of experience representing employees in legal actions to recover their stolen wages. Call us so that we can put our experience to work for you.