Hurricane or Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Hurricane or Homeowners Insurance Claims
Hurricanes and other climate related disasters appear to be occurring more frequently and with greater ferocity. We at White & Twombly, P.A. have over 20 years of both personal and professional experience with insurance claims stemming from natural disasters such as hurricanes. If you are an insurance policy holder that has been negatively affected by a hurricane or other weather event, you may wish to contact us as soon as possible so that we can guide you through the insurance claims process.

Florida Hurricane

In the event that your insurance company has already denied your insurance claim, call us so that we may determine whether or not the insurance company correctly denied your claim. Often, upon review, we are able to determine that a client’s claim has been unjustly denied by his/her insurance carrier. If this should happen to you, we at White & Twombly, P.A. are prepared to use our skill, experience, and resources to fight for your rights to insurance coverage and, if applicable, damages.