People often believe the only type of appeal an appellate court hears is a criminal conviction appeal. This is a misnomer; in Florida, an appeals court may hear an appeal pertaining to malpractice cases, litigation cases, personal injury cases, and more. Some common reasons for an appeal include:

  • Testimony that should not have been admissible
  • Errors made in procedure
  • Instructions to a jury were faulty
  • Laws which were interpreted incorrectly

An appeal may be brought after a personal injury award if the award was too high, or may be brought because a breach of contract lawsuit resulted in an unfair settlement. In any case, if you believe a judgment was handed down due to a flaw in the original presentation of the case, you may have reason to appeal the decision.

When appealing an outcome, working with a seasoned professional is important. You have only one opportunity to appeal an outcome as a matter of right; the manner in which your case is handled is vitally important. If you believe your case should have had a different outcome, contact White & Twombly, P. A. immediately. There is a timeframe in which an appeal may be brought or forever be barred, it is important to file your appeal timely. At White & Twombly, P.A., you can count on us to take care of all of your appellate needs.